Lottin Point

Unsullied, isolated, and soul-refreshing are words that describe Lottin Point.

Located on the East Cape of New Zealand, the trip from Opotiki to Gisborne along State Highway 35 offers the chance to get off the beaten track and exit the rat race. This trip is one of the countries greatest, yet least know road journeys.

Here at Lottin Point, it’s not difficult to leave the stress behind and return to another era, where peace and quiet in New Zealand was once the norm.

The drive from Opotiki to Gisborne is 334 km long, with windy, sealed roads, yet around every corner there will be something new to see. If you want to give it justice, take a few days. This is a beautiful road to ride by motorbike or drive by car.

Stunning headlands, remote country, empty bays and coves, and Manuka clad bush peaks mixed together with remote settlements and farms make this part of New Zealand the greatest place to recharge your batteries.

Break the journey and spend a night or two at Lottin Point Motel. Lottin Point Motel is 132kms from Opotiki and 202kms to Gisborne. It is a mecca for fishing and diving.

Whatever your preference, be it surf-casting, diving or boat fishing, Lottin Point is acclaimed for big fish. The options are pretty much endless, some steep ledges and some awesome rocky broken country. The spots to fish tend to be dictated by conditions rather than anything else.

Fishing at Lottin Point East Cape NZ

It’s summer country, the sun-kissed altar of Sir Apirana Ngata.

Like anywhere in Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand meaning ‘the land of the long white cloud’, there are plenty of things to do along the way including fishing, diving, hiking, horse riding and cycling, and of course spending time on the beach.

The best way to travel is by car to give you the flexibility to go where you please, when you want.

In a place like the East Cape you will definitely want to explore.